Master Guo Guizhi

At the age of 10, he began learning ChangQuan from his grandfather, which allowed him to start teaching at the young age of 16.

In 1957, while being treated for stomache disease at BeiTaiHe, he began studying YiQuan (DaChengQuan) and the Tree Posture from Master YuYongNian. This afforded him a fast recovery from his illness and from that point forward, he returned every Sunday to continue his studies with Master Yu.

In 1963, Master Yu introduced him to the founder of DaChengQuan, Master Wang Xiangzhai and to Master Wang’s top student, Master Yaozongxun. After this encounter, Master Guo continued his tutelage with Master Yaozongxun until his death in 1983. It was during this time of intensive training and practice that he came to understand the essence of DaCheng, which led him to appreciate it’s great value for both health and combat.

In 1961, he began friendly competitions and exchanges of ideas with Chinese Boxers such as ZhuWenyou, ZhaoFuyuan, YangHongwen, LiDianlu, LiXiu, ZhangYincai, JinBiao, WangRuihu, ZhangZuoliang, ZhangRuijiang and others, who became so impressed with his style that they later came to him for further studies. Between 1961 and 1970, his following developed rapidly within the regions of KouQuanGou and Yun GangGou.

In 1970 he began to formally teach DaChengQuan within the town of DaTong, where his students included well known practictioners such as ZhangHong, FengRui, ZhangJinzhu, WuXuedong, GuoRuisheng, GuoFuhai, GuoYucheng, ZhangZhiqing, LiShouzhong and more. It was this effort that led directly to the rapid development of DaChengQuan in this region. In 1985, with the help of the DaTong Sport’s Association, the DaChengQuan Association of DaTong was officially founded, of which he was named the president.

In 1979, at a time when DaChengQuan was not well known to the area, Master Guo had the occassion to challenge and overcome Master ShiQinwang in the national qualifying competition in Shanxi. This allowed him to move forward to the national competitions in which he was very successful. After the conclusion of the competitions, Master ShiQinwang was so impressed with Master Guo and the DaChengQuan style that he began studies with Master Guo.

In 1993, along with 3 of his students, Master GuoGuizhi was successful in a friendly competition with 4 BaGuaZhang masters from TaiWan. This directly led to the continued growth and interest in DaChengQuan.

During his life, Master GuoGuiZhi has been involved with the creation and activites of many Centers for the Study of DaChengQuan throughout the region and province, where he has taught many of the best qualified practitioners of this art. Because of his skill and dedictation, he was also able to receive and exchange ideas with many of the most reputable Masters of both Chinese and foreign origins. These exchanges allowed him the opportunity to show the true value of the art of DaChengQuan while forming friendships with practitioners from every style of martial arts.

He has contributed to the international growth of the art of DaChengQuan by responding to invitations to give seminars in France, Italy, Canada, England, the United States, Japan and more.